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Analysis of effects of Young modulus variations on Brillouin power and Brillouin frequency shift changes in optical fibers



  1. Program of Electronics Technology, Vocational School of Orhangazi, Uludağ University, 16800 Orhangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  2. Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Uludağ University, 16059 Görükle, Bursa, Turkey


Brillouin scattering mechanism and Young modulus variations in optical fiber distributed sensing systems are directly affected by ambient temperature and thermal strain formations. Generally, in such sensing systems where temperature and strain formations are detected and measured simultaneously, Brillouin frequency shift and Brillouin power changes of backscattered optical signal are used due to their temperature and strain dependencies. In this research, a different point of view has been developed and effects of Young modulus variations of the sensing fiber core on the Brillouin power and the Brillouin frequency shift changes have been analyzed. In this study, positioning five heating units at different locations along a 1000 m G.652 type single-mode fiber operating at 1550 nm, a sensing system model has been constructed. On this model, simulations related to Young modulus variations along the sensing fiber depending on temperature fluctuations generated by heating units have been performed using Matlab 2010 and results have been obtained for 1000 different points with a spatial resolution of 1 m. For 40 °C - 47 °C operating temperature range of the sensing fiber, the Young modulus of the fiber core changes from 73.205 GPa to 73.283 GPa. Furthermore, using the analytical method, linear formula between the Young modulus and Brillouin parameters, i.e. Brillouin power and Brillouin frequency shift changes, of the backscattered optical signal have been derived. Thus, for the system model constructed, Matlab simulations analyzing relations between Young modulus variations and Brillouin parameter changes have been performed under specified operating conditions..


Optical fiber distributed sensing, Brillouin power change, Brillouin frequency shift change, Young modulus, Temperature, Thermal strain.

Submitted at: April 19, 2016
Accepted at: Nov. 25, 2016


ABDURRAHMAN GÜNDAY, SAİT ESER KARLIK, GÜNEŞ YILMAZ, Analysis of effects of Young modulus variations on Brillouin power and Brillouin frequency shift changes in optical fibers, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 18, Iss. 11-12, pp. 1000-1006 (2016)