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Development and experimentation of a new MPPT synergetic control for photovoltaic systems



  1. QUERE Laboratory, Faculty of technology, University of Setif 1, 19000 Setif, Algeria
  2. LETAS Laboratory, Faculty of Science, University Mohamed the First, Oujda 60000, Morocco
  3. CReSTIC Laboratory, University of Reims Champagne Ardennes. IUT de Troyes, 9 rue de Quebec B.P. 396, 10026 Troyes, France


This paper proposes a new approach of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) using a synergetic control (SC) theory for photovoltaic (PV) system. This system is mainly composed of a solar array, DC/DC boost converter, MPPT controller, and an output load. Synergetic controller is used for boost converter to achieve the maximum power output. The stability of the closed-loop system is guaranteed using Lyapunov’s method. The new approach gives a good maximum power operation under different conditions such as changing solar radiation and PV cell temperature. To show the validity and robustness of the proposed approach, different simulations under different atmospheric conditions are realized using Matlab/Simulink. The implementation of synergetic control is also presented. The experimental results show satisfactory performance of the proposed approach..


Synergetic control, Maximum power point tracking, Robustness, Photovoltaic system.

Submitted at: Sept. 16, 2014
Accepted at: Feb. 10, 2016


H. ATTOUI, F. KHABER, M. MELHAOUI, K. KASSMI, N. ESSOUNBOULI, Development and experimentation of a new MPPT synergetic control for photovoltaic systems, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 18, Iss. 1-2, pp. 165-173 (2016)