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Effect of gamma rays on nanostructured TiO2 thin film synthesized with sol gel method



  1. Department of Physics and Astronomy College of science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  2. Sustainable Energy Technologies Center, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


In this paper, nanostructured TiO2 thin film has been investigated under gamma irradiation source(Co-60) at eight, sixteen and twenty four hours duration. The TiO2 thin film was synthesized by spin coated sol-gel method. The irradiation was performed by using the facility of Gammacell-220 No.246 with cobalt-60 as gamma source. The structural morphology and modifications were analyzed with scanning electron mircroscopy(SEM) and X-ray diffraction(XRD) techniques. The results including the obsorption and emission spectra were acquired with JASCO spectrometer and flourospectrometer. The obtained data showed the decrease in particle size while increasing gamma irradiations exposure time at certain level of sixteen hours but then increase with further exposure upto twenty four hours duration.The analysis gives the understanding that the optical gap has decreased linearly with exposure time. This research predicts the variation in optical and morphological properties of TiO2 thin films with gamma exposure and thus gives an indication of developing radiation shielding materials for nuclear applications.


Nanoparticles, Gamma radiation, Shielding, Sol gel.

Submitted at: April 16, 2015
Accepted at: Aug. 3, 2016


W. A. FAROOQ, SALAHUD-DIN KHAN, SYED MANSOOR ALI, M. ASLAM, Effect of gamma rays on nanostructured TiO2 thin film synthesized with sol gel method, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 18, Iss. 7-8, pp. 712-716 (2016)