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Fabrication and characterization of one- and twodimensional regular patterns produced employing multiple exposure holographic lithography



  1. Kaunas University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science, K. Baršausko Str. 59, Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-51423
  2. Physics Department, Kaunas University of Technology, Studentų Str.50, Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-51368


In this paper we describe fabrication and characterization methods of two-dimensional periodic microstructures in photoresist with pitch of 1.2 μm and lattice constant 1.2-4.8 μm, formed using two-beam multiple exposure holographic lithography technique. The regular structures were recorded employing different angular positions of the sample in between two and three sequential exposures, adding up fringes of various symmetries on thin positive tone photoresist layer spincoated on floated glass substrates. After exposure and development, the resulting structures were analysed employing optical and scanning electron microscopy. It was demonstrated that structures with rhombus, triangular and square point lattice types with 2-fold, 4- fold or 6-fold rotational symmetry can be obtained. The results obtained from the micrographs were compared with the simulation results of interference field light intensity distribution. Camera images of the transmitted and diffracted laser beam light far field spatial distribution were compared with the fast Fourier transforms (FFT) of optical microscope dark field micrographs. Diffraction efficiency measurements were demonstrated as an efficient method to control quality of the structures as well as to optimize the multiple exposure processes..


Holographic lithography, Interference, Periodic structures, FFT, Diffraction patterns.

Submitted at: Feb. 19, 2016
Accepted at: April 6, 2017


A. JURKEVIČIŪTĖ, N. ARMAKAVIČIUS, D. VIRGANAVIČIUS, L. ŠIMATONIS, T. TAMULEVIČIUS, S. TAMULEVIČIUS, Fabrication and characterization of one- and twodimensional regular patterns produced employing multiple exposure holographic lithography, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 19, Iss. 3-4, pp. 119-126 (2017)