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Single source fabrication of SiC nanowires and FTIR spectroscopy



  1. College of Engineering, Istanbul Sehir University, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. Mechanical Engineering, Frostburg State University, 101 Braddock Road, Frostburg, MD, U.S.A.


Silicon carbide (SiC) nanostructures continue to attract interest due to their applications in optoelectronic devices, sensors, and high-power/high temperature electronics. SiC nanowires have been fabricated by chemical vapor deposition using hexamethyldisilane (HMDS) as the source material with various catalysts including iron, nickel, and cobalt at temperatures between 900 and 1100oC under H2. The SiC nanowire diameters are in the range of 8 nm to 90 nm. High density of SiC nanowires have been successfully grown even at a low temperature of 900oC. SiC nanowire growth mechanism (VLS) and a reaction scheme for the low temperature growth have been discussed. A comprehensive FTIR spectroscopy investigation of the SiC nanowires grown with various catalyst materials at different temperatures has been provided. Further, the differences of phonon states of SiC nanowires compared to the bulk SiC have been studied. The SiC TO mode absorption shifted significantly towards the low wavenumber region compared to bulk SiC. Moreover, the FWHM values of the TO mode absorption of the SiC nanowires (12cm−1 ) are significantly lower than that of bulk SiC (59cm−1 ). These results suggest that FTIR provides valuable and practical information about the chemical bond states and crystal quality of the nanostructured materials..


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, SiC nanowires, Chemical vapor deposition, High temperature electronics, Nanomanufacturing.

Submitted at: Dec. 17, 2015
Accepted at: June 9, 2016


K. TEKER, D. ABDURAZIK, Single source fabrication of SiC nanowires and FTIR spectroscopy, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 18, Iss. 5-6, pp. 510-514 (2016)