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The advanced characterization of a new alloy by Co-Cr-Mo system



  1. Gheorghe Asachi Technical University from Iaşi
  2. Center of Excellence Geopolymer & Green Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
  3. Romanian Inventors Forum from Iasi, Romania


The paper presents some aspects regarding the structural, mechanical and electrochemical characterization for CoCrMo and CoCrMoSi4 alloys, by identifying of structural constituents, hardness determination, and experimental researches for determination of corrosion resistance in different physiological simulated mediums. The measurements for determination of corrosion resistance were made at potential in an open circuit, in orange fresh juice, unpasteurized. For the study of electrochemical behaviour, was used the citric acid (orange fresh juice, unpasteurized), because it is considered the one of the five acid which tempts most often to entire in human body, 5-9 %.The spectrum interpretation for experimental alloys, based on cobalt, was made by data modelling, with an equivalent circuit whose circuit elements describe the physical and electrochemical properties at the alloy surface immersed in solution. Based on obtained results, behind the measurements for corrosion resistance determination, it is found that once the increase of silicon content, the resistance of passive layer are increase, that means it does not catalyze the oxidation process at superficial layer level..


Cobalt, X-ray diffraction, Hardness.

Submitted at: April 10, 2015
Accepted at: Aug. 3, 2016


M. G. MINCIUNA, P. VIZUREANU, D.C. ACHIŢEI, A.V. SANDU, The advanced characterization of a new alloy by Co-Cr-Mo system, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 18, Iss. 7-8, pp. 717-722 (2016)